Established in 1974 with Japanese ownership and management, we have been in continuous operation, manufacturing products for the US and EU markets. Home to three primary cultures (Malay, Chinese and Indian) we believe in respecting others beliefs and supporting each other.


Through our rigorous process, we collaborate with new and existing customers to refine their design, prepare for volume manufacturing and launch successful products.

Core Values

Quality and consistency are our highest priorities. In order to maintain an environment of trust and respect, we persevere through obstacles together on the path toward production.


We work systematically to integrate corporate responsibility in our core business and make our expertise available for customers.


Leveraging our global ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, we are able to control costs, manage inventory and report status to our customers.

Work Environment

Workers are the cornerstone of our business. Their experience and collaborative spirit ensure that the quality of every product is maintained. Worker safety is paramount to continuing this ideal.