Our factory maintains a holistic approach to sustainability. We pay attention to much more than just cost; from being a part of our local community, to caring about the environment, to minimizing waste and the health and safety of our workers.


We live and breathe the air around us so making sure our suppliers all comply with rigid environmental standards is a top priority. We regularly audit our suppliers and are diligent about the compliance of our own factory. We also strive to minimize waste bi-product during manufacturing. From requiring re-usable trays from suppliers, to reducing the size of consumable carriers, we emphasize waste minimization across the entire manufacturing process.

Health and Safety

Our workers are the life blood of our company, so their protection is foremost. Without them we cannot perform our services to you. Their health and safety is paramount and we offer full support to meet their needs. Getting them home safe to their families is core to our values.


We are located in a small community reflecting the diverse cultures of Malaysia, Malay, Indian and Chinese. We are active in our community, and support and encourage our workers’ cultures and traditions.

Human Rights

Every person should be able to choose the lifestyle. We are aligned with our nation’s zero tolerance policy for any violation of human rights in our, and our supplier’s, workforce.