Established in 1974 with Japanese ownership and management, we have been in continuous operation, manufacturing products for the US and EU markets. Home to three primary cultures (Malay, Chinese and Indian) we believe in respecting others beliefs and supporting each other.

Offering turnkey manufacturing services, we can handle your project from beginning to end. We are able to support dozens projects at the same time through our advanced management processes and information technology platform.

Our breadth of experience means no matter the scope of your project we can handle it. We have many examples of consumer, medical and automotive just to name a few.

Dream big.
Trust us with your next project.

Our team of professionals in the areas of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, SMT and production engineering will help execute your project, while our support staff keeps it moving forward.

Since 1974

Why Malaysia?
Why S&O?

There are significant differences between manufacturing at S&O in Malaysia compared to manufacturing in China. In independent audits there is no comparison. Find out more...


Our guiding principals breed trust that allows you to sleep well at night, knowing we are taking care of your project and treating our vendors and employees like family.


With our unrivaled longevity, the depth and breadth of experience in hard to solve problems means your project is in good hands.

Ease of Business

Manufacturing only works if everyone is makes money. Clear communication, our open book quoting process and direct access to our purchasing team allows you to track cost to the penny. And our clear approach to contracts results in fair agreements that cover all parties.


There is no need to look elsewhere. We can fully support your project with our extensive in-house skill base, supported by high quality local suppliers.


You will be impressed with the range of products we have produced, and across a variety of specialized categories.